Player Commitment

We will have regular practice sessions during the fall, winter, and early spring.  We expect all players to participate in these sessions.  For the most part, the player’s fees will pay for the cost of these sessions.  Naturally, conflicts do arise and we expect each player to notify the manager about these conflicts.  Remember, these sessions are geared towards making each girl a better player and the team stronger.

During the regular season, players are expected to make ALL practices, weekday games, tournaments, and Nationals at the end of the season.  We usually roster 12 or 14 players on each team, at 12U and 14U Levels. We will roster 14 – 18 players at 16U & 18U.

Payment Schedule (2020/21)

  • August. $500
  • September $700
  • October $600
  • November $600
  • December $600

$3000 total