Building Strong Women Leaders

Dear Cheetah Nation,

I’m pleased to announce some exciting news. The Chicago Cheetahs organization is now a not-for-profit with 501c3 status. This new status will make it easier for us to maintain an elite program on the field, but it will also help us to grow into an elite program off the field as well.

The Chicago Cheetahs’ mission is to transform young women into strong leaders through the experience of competitive elite travel softball. With over 10 teams from the 12U through 18U age levels, the Cheetahs organization is designed to develop our young women into leaders on and off the field, with the intent to help them earn the opportunity to compete and succeed at the collegiate level. Our commitment to player development is unmatched in the Midwest, and our competitive national travel and tournament schedule offers critical exposure to the top collegiate softball programs in the country. Since its inception in 2013, the Cheetahs organization has developed hundreds of young travel softball players into strong leaders within their families, peer groups, and schools. Most have played in college, and upon graduating, they are carrying these life lessons into their professional careers, and they are excelling!

The new entity, Chicago Cheetahs BSWL, will allow us to raise tax-deductible money and in-kind donations from both private and corporate entities in order to help provide the best resources to develop your girls both on and off the field. Elite softball coaches, facilities, and programming come at a cost. It is our hope that by initiating this program, we can offer an unparalleled travel softball experience while minimizing that cost for our Cheetah families.

This past year we were fortunate enough to partner with Bo Jackson Elite Sports to offer our Cheetahs some amazing resources for developing their game on the field. We expect to grow those offerings and resources to include Performance Training and high-tech softball training tools like those offered by Rapsodo.

Building Strong Women Leaders: We want to build a culture of developing our young women into strong leaders so that when their softball playing days are over, they are carrying these critical skills with them and excelling in their post-collegiate professions.

  • We want to develop our young players into confident, accountable, disciplined young women, and to lean on those traits to become champions.
  • We want to offer a viable path where Cheetah alumni can build a career in coaching, and to help develop them personally and professionally in that quest.
  • We want to stay connected to our alumni and offer these young women leadership and professional development tools to support them in college and beyond.

We expect to develop our young women to learn and experience:

Self-confidence To embrace inclusiveness and diversity
Time management Mental toughness
How hard work gets results How to learn from and support others

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Chicago Cheetahs BSWL Donations and Sponsorships

We are seeking tax-deductible sponsorships and donations to fill three important buckets for the Chicago Cheetahs BSWL

  • General Fund: Financial donations that cover added operational expenses above the normal player fees. These expenses include coaching and training salaries & wages, travel expenses, admin and personnel wages, additional tournaments and games, additional equipment, and training and development tools
  • Player Scholarships: The Chicago Cheetahs believe that every young girl worthy of wearing a Chicago Cheetahs jersey, who exemplifies and demonstrates the commitment to developing themselves and others on and off the field, should not be hindered by costs. The Chicago Cheetahs offer a number of scholarships to help ensure that any young lady who is asked to join this organization, shall be able to do so regardless of their financial means.
  • In-Kind Donations: The Chicago Cheetahs BSWL will accept donations “in-kind” to help support our mission. Whether those donations are equipment, uniforms, labor; such as expertise in legal or accounting, uniforms, or any other requested items, those donations will be tax deductible up to the value of what has been donated.

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Chicago Cheetahs BSWL, Board of Directors Search

We are looking for candidates that are interested and passionate to help support our mission. Board Members for Chicago Cheetahs BSWL are strictly voluntary and unpaid. Specifically, we are looking for candidates who have strong experience and/or connections in the following areas. Ideally with experience in not-for-profits.

Fundraising Marketing
Legal: Not-for-Profit Law Alumni Relations
Tax/Audit Accounting Celebrities/Professional Athletes
Community Outreach / Public Relations Personal/Professional Development

Equally important is the understanding that board members are expected to help raise money. They will be expected to “Give” either with financial donations, or donations in kind (services), and “Get” by leveraging their network to help support our mission financially.

If you know of anyone in your networks that have a passion for Building Strong Women Leaders through elite travel softball, please have them contact me at

Thank you again. We are excited about our future, and even more, so that you are part of it.

Go Cheetahs!

Brian Bowman

Chicago Cheetahs BSWL 630-888-8428