18u Paul A. Malito

2020/21 Players

PlayerPositionCollege CommitGraduation YearJersey Number
Isabella WilkersonCatcher, First baseIllinois State-1
Madison PomykalskiThird base, ShortstopUniversity of Texas-2
Nicole MuchaSecond base, ShortstopMonmouth-3
Christina ZeitlerPitcher, Out fieldGannon University-4
Elliott SandersThird base, Out fieldSt. Francis (PA)-5
Corey MaloneySecond base, Out field--9
Hailey MalitoSecond base, Out fieldSt. Joseph (PA)-11
Meagan MazaCatcher, First baseU. of W. Parkside-19
Alexis CastanedaOut fieldMonmouth-20
Mackenzie GallagherFirst base, Third base--21
Andrea BroniewiczPitcher, First baseLoyola-34
Catherine McGinnisSecond base, Out fieldGreenville-35
Alayna ChizmarkFirst base, Out fieldMillikin University-44
Katie ArrambidePitcherHarvard20217