16u Sabrina Kuchta

September 2019

7th-8th: Betcher King of the Hill Qualifier- Peoria, IL
14th-15th: King of the Hill Qualifier- Salem, WI
21st-22nd: Dave Betcher King of the Hill Qualifier NEED TO QUALIFY from tournaments above – crown point (if we do not qualify we will do a local round robin)
28th-29th: Orland A’s PGF Showdown- Midlothian, IL

October 2019

5th-6th: Sparks Fall Classic PGF Regional Qualifier- Orland Park, IL
11th-13th: Batbusters Fall Showcase- Crown Point, IN
19th-20th: Sparks Pumpkin Fest XIII Invitational College Exposure- Orland Park, IL
25th-27th: St. Louis Showcase- St. Louis, MO

November 2019

2nd-3rd: Local Round Robin- TBD
9th-10th: Local Round Robin- TBD
(other weekends after that are TBD and I will send your way once I decide what we will be doing)

2019/20 Players

PlayerPositionCollege CommitGraduation YearJersey Number
Daly GarlandPitcher, Second base, Shortstop-20219
Caroline KinsellaPitcher, Out field-202114
Renee NicholsonFirst base, Out field-202115
Emily MansoOut field, Utility-202118
Ava KosteckiPitcher, First base, Out field-202121
Celeste IzaguirreSecond base, Third base, Shortstop-202123
Maya MilanoPitcher, First base, Third base-202128
Penny RuizPitcher, First base, Utility-202130
Madeline ModicaCatcher, Out field-202154
Evelyn SmithSecond base, Third base, Shortstop-202195
Aaliyah WalkerOut field, Utility-202299
Ella DvoracekCatcher, Third base, Shortstop-20231
Morgan TateFirst base, Third base-20234
Maureen KinsellaPitcher, Out field-20236
Juliann JakosalemCatcher, Third base, Out field-20237
Sofia StorrsPitcher, Second base, Shortstop, Out field-202317

16u Player Needed

Chicago cheetahs Sabrina Kuchta team looking for a few players for this summer Please contact President Brian Bowman 630-888-8428

Working out together

Chicago Cheetahs organization working out early Sunday morning. Special group of kids