16u Sabrina Kuchta

2019/20 Players

PlayerPositionCollege CommitGraduation YearJersey Number
Emily MansoOut field, Utility-202118
Maya MilanoPitcher, First base, Third base-202128
Evelyn SmithSecond base, Third base, Shortstop-202195
Cassandra FrangellaCatcher-202177
Daly GarlandPitcher, Second base, Shortstop-20219
Caroline KinsellaPitcher, Out field-202114
Renee NicholsonFirst base, Out field-202115
Madeline ModicaCatcher, Out field-202154
Penny RuizPitcher, First base, Utility-202130
Ava KosteckiPitcher, First base, Out field-202121
Celeste IzaguirreSecond base, Third base, Shortstop-202123
Aaliyah WalkerOut field, Utility-202299
Morgan TateFirst base, Third base-20234
Sofia StorrsOut field-202317
Juliann JakosalemCatcher, Third base, Out field-20237
Maureen KinsellaPitcher, Out field-20236
Ella DvoracekCatcher, Third base, Shortstop-20231

Happy New Years – 2020

Wishing everyone a happy New Year! 16U-SK is working hard to make 2020 the year of the cheetah

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving cheetah nation, from our family to yours!

16u Player Needed

Chicago cheetahs Sabrina Kuchta team looking for a few players for this summer Please contact President Brian Bowman 630-888-8428

Working out together

Chicago Cheetahs organization working out early Sunday morning. Special group of kids