Devin Miller

Devin has been coaching “A” level girls’ softball for the past 6 seasons. She started off with 5 years with the Mizuno Hawks and this last year at Bulls Sox Academy. Devin has decided to take this opportunity to coach with the Cheetahs in order to coach softball that “is on a higher level” with more collegiate exposure.

Devin began playing softball at an early age and played for the Illinois Chill until graduation. Devin also played High School softball at Loyola Academy, where she won a state championship without allowing a single earned run through the playoff run! After receiving many offers across the country, Devin decided to stay right at home and moved onto UIC with a full athletic scholarship as their number 1 pitcher for four years.

After completing her academic and athletic career at UIC, Devin decided to move into coaching and began her coaching career at the Mizuno Hawks with Jason Mardirosian. Devin has coached 22 girls who have gone onto playing college softball, at various schools, from D1 to NAIA, at various levels of scholarship. Devin stresses the fundamentals and her coaching philosophy is to practice to be the best that you can be, maintain discipline, and play with integrity. Devin has been described by many as a “players coach” as she is very involved in both the physical and mental development of the players she coaches.