Albrecht chooses North Dakota

Going on family vacations sparked an interest in flying for Jackie Albrecht.

“Since I was little, I always liked going on planes,” Albrecht said.

Albrecht is a senior softball star at Barrington, and as she has gotten older and started thinking more about a career, she figured a good fit for her would be melding her love of aviation with the family business.

“I have an interest in engineering and I get that from my family,” Albrecht said. “Both of my parents graduated from college with engineering degrees.”

Mom Alexa went to Michigan State and Dad Dave went to Bradley. And now, Albrecht will be going to North Dakota to major in aeronautical engineering.

“I’m thinking it would be cool to be on the engineering side of aviation,” Albrecht said. “Like designing aircraft.”

Albrecht hand-picked North Dakota and its top-notch aeronautical program as she searched for a good softball fit as well. She recently committed to play softball at North Dakota and will be on the pitching staff there.

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