2018 HS Updates: Jen Krizka, D’Arcy Motors Athlete of the Week

Why Krizka was selected: She went 10 for 15 with three home runs and 14 RBIs to help the Angels win all four of their games last week.

Herron: What do you like the most about playing softball?

Krizka: I love the sport and have been playing it since I was four years old. I love hitting and the mindset of hitting.

Herron: What do you like the most about this season’s team?

Krizka: I love how we all connect and know each other well since we’ve been together and how we play together and pick each other up.

Herron: What do you like the most about competing for Joliet Catholic?

Krizka: The love for sports at our school is amazing. There’s always fans watching our games and asking about how our games are going.

Herron: Who’s your favorite sports team and athlete?

Krizka: The Chicago Cubs. And Sahvanna Jaquish, who was an amazing player at LSU. I loved watching her play.

Herron: Who’s someone that you would you like to meet?

Krizka: I would love to meet Sahvanna Jaquish and pick her brain a little bit about the sport and life in general.

Herron: Do you have any pets?

Krizka: I have a dog named Smokie, and he’s a beagle-coonhound mix.

Herron: What’s your favorite restaurant and type of food?

Krizka: I love Texas Roadhouse. Anything with noodles in it.

Herron: What’s your favorite class?

Krizka: General business.

Herron: What do you like to do in your free time?

Krizka: I love doing anything outdoors.

Herron: What’s your favorite music and artist?

Krizka: Country. Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood.

Herron: What’s your favorite movie?

Krizka: ‘Just Go With It’.

Herron: What’s the most interesting place you’ve been and where would you like to visit?

Krizka: I was on a cruise to Jamaica. And France, since I have family from there.

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