What it Takes to be Recruited D1

Author: Brian Bowman – I thought I would share with you some traits I compiled from our list of girls the last three years who have played for me who are now playing in College. This is by no means perfect – but it does give you some insight into what it takes in the midwest, in order to get recruited D1. Again this comes directly from my discussions with the girls I have coached, and what I have learned over the last couple of years sending girls to college.

What it Takes to be Recruited D1

The below are characteristics of the girls I have coached in the last couple years – who are either playing D1 or could have played D1 but chose to go D2,NAIA or D3 based on $,Grades,Major.

This is also compiled from talking to D1 Coaches, and High level Travel coaches who send kids to D1 consistently.


1-Practice, Practice, Practice, – doesn’t miss more than one practice each season (fall/Summer) Oh – likes to practice as well.
2-Attends every game – misses one day of games per season 2016/2017. Never misses a tournament.
3-One sport athletes – of course college coaches say they love two sport athletes – but see above – if other sport doesn’t conflict with above than good.
4-Gets good grades and ACT scores – you can’t even think about playing D1 unless you are academically eligible, and can show you can get good grades in High School – (see D1 Nicole Schedule attached, included every night is study hours and or tutor hours from 7pm – 10pm). Once you go to College you will be adding 4-5 hours of workouts and practices a day on top of classes. 6 days a week. Also way more money available to those who get 26 or above on ACT.
5-Works on Hitting (if position player), Pitching (if pitcher), Catching (if catcher) – outside of practice every day or three days a week minimum. Works all year round with intermittent rest and breaks as needed.
6-Is in good shape – looks athletic, is well conditioned, runs or works out regularly to stay ahead of rest. Eats healthy, gets enough rest. (some are lucky here as they look conditioned even when they may not be) First impressions are very important.
7-Doesn’t get injured – see above #6 – or heals quickly and knows difference between “injury” and hurt”.
8- Knows the game of softball, listens to coaches when working with other teammates or positions – so knows where they should be as well. Works on her positioning in the field based on hitter or situation, improves week to week, month to month, can play multiple positions or is very open to do so (see below #9).
9 – Coachable – Coachability is the willingness to be corrected and to act on that correction. The more you listen and correct the quicker and better you get. If you are un coachable you wont make it. The more coachable you are – the more positions you will learn and the more recruitable you will get. I have great examples of my top players learning and excelling at multiple positions that low and behold they ended up playing in college.
10 – Is spectacular or does something each tournament, each game, that is spectacular. Something you only see once a tournament when watching games – or you never see others do. There are great examples of this:

A – Third baseman fielding bunt up first base side and throwing out lefty
B – Outfielder robbing opponents of home runs by leaping or jumping to make catches at the fence
C – Pitchers striking out side, making great defensive plays
D – Catchers – throwing out multiple runners in a game,
E – Throwing fast – and accurate – able to field balls out of position and still make great throws and get outs
F- Picking up additional runners and making “next” out – total understanding of runners and positions
G – Diving catches, spectacular fielding plays
H – Key situational hitting, with two strikes, two outs, runners in scoring position, pressure positions, home runs, Hitting for high average – on base percentage of .400 – .500. Leader in RBI, OBP.

11 – Focusing in on Ten Schools, “long shot, Average or good chance, easy or no problem” proper mix of D1, D2, Naia or D3…..Understanding all about coaching staffs, players on team, conference, profile of players that coach recruits, communicates regularly with all coaches on staff, works with travel coach on list and communication and profile, attends camps and winter work outs at top colleges, works closely with our recruiters (Tommy and Jackie). Sets accurate expectations on all of above. Narrow focus better.

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